About us

Welcome to my shop!

My name is Nicole, I am just a small town girl from Wyoming trying to live out her dreams. I have been a military spouse for 12 years and am located in, what will be our HOME state, TEXAS! I am blessed to be the mother of three beautiful kiddos and a wife to my amazing and supportive husband, Tim.

For a VERY long time I was a stay at home mom and felt like I lacked purpose. I was mom and wife and I wanted to feel like I was more than that. I wanted to find something that was going to make me feel like I was doing something to help support my family. Now, I know that as a SAHM I was doing A LOT but I was lacking something in my life.

Owning a business has always been a big dream of mine for many years. I even tried my hand at some multi-level marketing companies. For some reason, I was never REALLY happy doing those. Something with them just didn't always feel right. So, I finally gave into my fear of possibly failing at something that was MINE.

When coming up with a name, it was VERY important to me that I incorporate my children into my business, because everything I do in my life, I do with them in mind. Both of their initials are M.A., and I am blessed to me their mama. Bendita Mamá was perfect. Bendita translates to blessed in spanish and Mamá is, well... mama. 

My goal is to provide all of you with something that you will cherish for a long time, wether it's a custom shirt, décor, a cup, or anything that you can imagine. I will do everything in my power to make you vision into something tangible.

I cannot wait to turn your visions into reality and it is my PROMISE to make everything with love!